The Enhanced

It’s not about fashion, it’s about having a wardrobe full of clothes that reflects the real you, the authentic you, the confident you.

In the Enhanced session you will learn:

  • Your body shape
  • Which cuts of clothing best fit your shape
  • Which colours complement your skin colouring
  • Which accessories complement your style & shape
  • Where to shop in Basel for your body shape, style and budget
  • How to shop. We show you how to walk into a store and recognize pieces that fit your body shape
  • What to shop for. No more buying the same white shirt over and over.
  • To buy consciously.
I was given this service by my loving husband as a present. I have to admit that having seen the TV show “What Not to Wear”, I was not convinced that this was a good idea. However, Sophie quickly put me at ease. We went through my wardrobe and I put on things I normally wear. She gave me great feedback on the colors, cuts and style and suggested new combinations that I hadn’t thought of. The best part for me was the second step. Having seen my wardrobe, we agreed on a few items that would fill it out, and then she went shopping. Later she showed me what she had picked out. I tried things ons, she commented, I purchased what I liked, and that was it.

We break this service into two sessions. The first session we focus on your current wardrobe. We sort through every item in your wardrobe, and no we won’t make you throw it all out, because usually we find some hidden gems. We take a very honest, but gentle approach in helping you decide what stays and goes.


The second session is shopping. Now that we know what you already have, it’s time to fill in the missing gaps to round out your wardrobe. We will show you how to combine the new with your current wardrobe. Getting dressed was never easier!


When we are finished you will have:

  • A wardrobe with only clothes you love
  • A list of your personal best shops in Basel
  • A personal style that looks and feels like you
  • Excitement about your new looks
I want to feel comfortable, energetic and energized in what I wear. I want people to feel comfortable and easy around me. I want my clothes to look like the ‘belong’ to me, fit me and flatter me.

Are you ready to feel calm and confident each morning when you choose your outfit for the day?

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6 hours (split over two sessions) / 660 CHF