Client Love

What our lovely clients say about us

At the start, I was convinced I would have to buy an entirely new wardrobe. By the time the morning was done, I had dozens and dozens of ‘new’ outfits!
I took a break from my career when we came to Basel, and then, four years later, was heading back to work. After three kids and barely any time to shop since moving to Basel, my wardrobe in general was a mess, enter Sophie. She went through my entire wardrobe (including shoes and accessories) and helped me organize it.
StyleMixers took my look from good to great and I feel it from the inside and the out! Thanks for the fun, practical and professional approach.
I get up and get myself dressed everyday and I feel pretty good about my look. However, there is a noticeable increase in the amount of compliments I get when I have put on an outfit StyleMixers created for me.
With a 5 month old baby boy in tow, I live in jeans and sneakers and I am bored of wearing the same old thing. Sophie came to the rescue and showed me how to make better use of my current wardrobe, what colors and shapes suit me best and what items are missing that would liven up my wardrobe a bit so I can feel good about myself again.
I’m so really FREAKIN EXCITED about my new pieces and jewelry! Can’t wait to get dressed for work tomorrow.
I was a little apprehensive before the appointment but Sophie immediately put me at ease, she is not a ‘The devil wears Prada’ fashionista but just a warm personality who loves her subject matter.
I was given this service by my loving husband as a present. I have to admit that having seen the TV show “What Not to Wear”, I was not convinced that this was a good idea. However, Sophie quickly put me at ease. We went through my wardrobe and I put on things I normally wear. She gave me great feedback on the colors, cuts and style and suggested new combinations that I hadn’t thought of. The best part for me was the second step. Having seen my wardrobe, we agreed on a few items that would fill it out, and then she went shopping. Later she showed me what she had picked out. I tried things ons, she commented, I purchased what I liked, and that was it.
StyleMixers was my secret weapon in my work wardrobe. I knew that every time I got dressed in the morning I looked put together and that made me feel confident.